HostBill New Release

New release: new staff permissions

This week we’re presenting new Staff Permission and a bunch of updates to our modules!

Staff permissions

In HostBill are multiple privileges that can be assigned either individually per each staff member or to a given staff team. Permissions are divided into different categories (Affiliates, Billing, Support, Provisioning, System Configuration, Security and Miscellaneous). In Provisioning permissions there are options to Edit Accounts and Edit Domains. Now we have divided those into two separate permissions: Edit Account Billing and Edit Account Technical (and Edit Domain Billing and Edit Domain Technical respectively). Account/Domain Billing permission enables to change price, due date, status, payment gateway, registration date, expiration date. Account/Domain Technical permission enables to change username, package, password, forms, create/suspend account, registrar, nameservers, register the domain etc.

We have also added a separate staff permission to edit ticket filters.

Updates to modules

In today’s release we’re also adding a bunch of updates to our modules! Hetzner Robot now supports StorageBoxes management in client area. New option added for Proxmox module enables to handle provisioning for all VPS IPs. New functionality added to NextCloud allows to define max count of accounts per nextcloud/owncloud install. DigitalOcean has a new feature to not require SSH key from client when admin key is present. In G Suite we’ve added the ability to specify admin email/username during signup. IPAM now has a Virtualizor IP Sync sub-module.

In the 2019 Theme we’ve introduced more email info in email history (“to” emails, full date, delivery status). And as for recently presented External form in Support Fields plugin – submitting external form will now redirect back to the ticket.

Curious to get to know all the details! Check our Changelog section!

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