Rhipe module for HostBill

Resell Microsoft cloud products using Rhipe platform and HostBill!

New HostBill integration will enable you to resell Microsoft 365, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and other Microsoft Cloud products using Rhipe platform! This week in HostBill we’re also presenting Report Groups and Improvements in ACL permissions and new ‘VIP’ tickets option in Slack Notification module.

Rhipe Microsoft CSP module for HostBill

Rhipe is the leading expert in subscription software. It distributes and aggregates subscription licensing models for Service Providers from many of the world’s leading software vendors including Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat, Citrix, Veeam, Trend Micro, Sinefa and DocuSign. Rhipe Microsoft CSP module for HostBill allows to resell Microsoft cloud products such as Microsoft 365, Office 365, Dynamics 365 or Azure using Rhipe platform. 

With the HostBill module you can easily import the whole product portfolio from Rhipe with price overrides and all existing accounts/licenses. HostBill will not only handle your billing but also automatically create and terminate products and handle upgrades and downgrades. Clients will be able to display their account details in client area: tenant primary domain, reference, login and password as well as the link to Microsoft login page. Admin area provides access to billing information, product management, account lifecycle and more.

Reports: Improvements in ACL + groups

HostBill allows to generate various reports concerning clients, invoices, orders, support cases and more. Reports can be used either using pre-defined templates that can also be customized or optionally you can create your own report based on your individual needs. All reports are divided into categories/groups. By default reports are assigned to following groups: Clients, Invoices, Orders, Staff, Support, Custom reports, Affiliates, Knowledgebase. We’ve now added a possibility to create you own groups, so you can add you custom reports or assign existing reports to a given group.

Report groups

To be able to create new report group a staff member will need a relevant ACL: Manage report groups. Each report group also has two individual ACL, enabling staff to access and customize reports from this group.

Staff Member / Staff Team privileges

Deleting the report group will result in moving all reports from this group to “Custom” group. Default report groups can’t be deleted.

Slack VIP tickets

Slack Notification module is a great way to stay updated about events in HostBill. The plugin shows notifications from HostBill in your Slack channel to help you stay well-informed about each new order, transaction or ticket and to enable you to react quickly on each event.

Now we’ve added new Slack VIP button in client profile. When customers with ‘VIP’ status in Slack module open new tickets, the notification about those tickets can be posted to separate Webhook URL or a different slack channel. This option can be enabled in module settings.

Slack ‘VIP’ button

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