cPanel DNS Helper Tool

This week new in HostBill: new add-on to our cPanel module: cPanel DNS Tool and new payment gateway: EveryPay.

cPanel DNS Helper

cPanel DNS Helper tool is very similar to Plesk DNS Helper, which we have released quite recently. This extension is shipped with cPanel v2 module and it helps to connect your cPanel installations with one of the HostBill-supported DNS services: Power DNS, Power DNS Slave Zones, OnApp DNS, cPanel DNS or any other DNS that HostBill supports.

Although cPanel handles DNS very well, managing DNS might get tricky if there are multiple services not related to cPanel which you wish to plug into single/centralized DNS installation that is not backed by cPanel DNS. cPanel DNS Helper is also handy when you want to hook up your PowerDNS to store slave zones, while your cPanel would keep master zone records.

How cPanel DNS Helper works

In order for cPanel DNS Helper tool to work you need to setup DNS templates to use your actual master nameserver (i.e. cPanel, Power DNS, cPanel DNS) in your cPanel installations. cPanel DNS Helper periodically polls all configured cPanel servers for zones, and fetches their details using cPanel API. HostBill then “decides” what to do next. It can:

  • Push this zone to real master nameserver
  • Notify secondary nameserver to create/update slave zone
  • After exporting such zone, HostBill can assign it to the related customer¬†

So you can either have slave DNS (any supported by HostBill) notified automatically about new zones in cPanel, or cPanel DNS will not be used to handle DNS queries, but as a source of data for actual DNS server that handles requests. With this approach you can benefit from flexible & automated DNS templates built into cPanel on any central DNS server you wish to use with it.

To find out how to configure cPanel DNS Tool in HostBill please refer to our documentation.

EveryPay gateway

EveryPay offers a fully cloud-based payment gateway platform which provides a variety of necessary features that enable businesses to grow and scale by utilising world-class online payment solutions. HostBill supports EveryPay payment gateway to process payments out of the box. The payments are processed offsite. The gateway also supports recurring charges, easy one-click refunds and tokenization in order to keep up with the ever-changing payment trends and consumer behaviors. The gateway is free to all HostBill users!

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