HostBill June Deal of the Month

June Deal of the Month

At the beginning of June we’re happy to present our next Deal of the Month! Now you can buy all of our order page templates with 15% discount!

15% off on all order pages

Why not refresh the look of your online store, make it more attractive for your customers, easier to browse and purchase your products and services? The order page is where the client makes a final decision whether or not to buy your products or services therefore it needs to be not only functional but also look professional and attractive. With HostBill you have the choice of over 50 order page templates that can be easily customized to fit your offerings! Now you can get them 15% off with the code JUNEORDER2020! Choose one template for all your products or different templates for various products from your portfolio to suit your marketing goals!
Hurry up, the offer is valid for two weeks, from 4th June until 18th June.

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HostBill order pages

As the design of the order page is one of the deciding factors, we made sure that templates that we provide are beautifully designed to maximize your conversions. Each template features different yet stylish and modern design created with latest trends in mind and is highly customizable to fit your offerings. To enable you to effectively sell your products, HostBill templates provide unlimited package configuration options including sliders, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, input boxes, textareas and more. Each of our templates features ajax cart simulation, direct-cart links, multiple products support, various billing models and more features to attract customers and grow your revenue. 

With HostBill order page templates you can choose between two checkout styles so that you can design positive purchasing experience for your clients, according to their preferences.‘Wizard’ style templates feature a multi-step checkout, where different sections of the ordering process are split into different pages. With wizard style checkout customers feel more comfortable during payment operations and have a better understanding of the product configuration and ordering process. One-step checkout templates simplify checkout process by combining all steps on one page, providing your customers with a convenient, quick and easy way to complete their order. 

Find your style, customize the template to suit your needs and create a positive shopping experience with HostBill beautiful and attractive, optimized for sales order page templates!

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