Zoho CRM integration with HostBill

New Zoho CRM integration

In this week’s release we’re presenting new Zoho CRM integration, Two-way SMS verification in SMSVerification module, new registration field type and more!

Zoho CRM plugin for HostBill

Zoho CRM is a popular Customer Relationship Management software used to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow revenue. Zoho CRM can act as a single repository to bring your sales, marketing, and customer support activities together, and streamline your process, policy, and people in one platform.
Now, with HostBill integration you can automatically export your client data from HostBill to Zoho CRM: either in bulk or for selected clients and client contacts only. Client data can be exported either automatically when the new account is created or alternatively you can do the manual export. You can also set which fields from client details should be sent to Zoho or enter a custom value.

You can get the module here and find out more about its configuration in HostBill documentation.

New client registration field type: Encrypted Input

Registration Fields section in HostBill allows you to define information that is required upon client signup and that is stored in client profile. There are several field types to choose from and additional options are available for each field. New field type added in this week’s release: Encrypted Input allows to store sensitive data that should be encrypted before storing in database.

Two-way SMS verification in SMSVerification module

HostBill SMS verification module allows to automatically verify users via text message upon signup. After registration customers receive a text message with PIN code that will grant full access to HostBill client area. New option allows two-way SMS verification, which means that when a client receives verification code instead of entering it in the client area they will be required to send the code back via a text message. HostBill will import this message as a ticket, which will be captured and verified by the module. After successful verification the account will be confirmed and the macro applied to the ticket will be performed. Two-way SMS verification is supported by SMSEagle and Vonage (previosuly Nexmo SMS) modules.

To see the full list of new features and bug fixes please refer to our weekly changelog.

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