HostBill new integrations

New modules: Oxxa SSL and Moneris Vault payment gateway!

With today’s release we’re happy to introduce new SSL reseller module: and two new payment solutions Moneris Vault and Barion. We’re also adding further improvements and further customization options for client area Theme 2019!

Oxxa SSL module

Oxxa is the ICANN accredited domain name registrar based in Netherlands, that also offers hosting services, dedicated servers, VPS, SSL Certificates and more. We already have Oxxa domain registrar module, which allows to automate domain provisioning and management, now we’re happy to introduce Oxxa SSL module!

Oxxa SSL module for HostBill is an all-in-one tool to sell Oxxa SSL certificates – either as separate products or as additions to or bundled with other services! Easily setup your products and let HostBill do the rest – automatically issue certificates, parse CSR and synchronize certificate info. Provide clients with user-friendly way to manage their certificates from client area, where they can enter CSR, select approval email or get certificate status. Control everything: account lifecycle, billing, certificate autorenew and more from admin panel!

Complement your existing product range and start selling SSL certificates with Oxxa and HostBill! And if you need more reasons to start selling SSL certificates read this blog post and hesitate no more!

Moneris Vault payment gateway

The Moneris Gateway is a multi-functional online payment solution for business owners. HostBill already supports several payment methods offered by Moneris, we’re now happy to add Moneris Vault to the list!

Moneris Vault is the payment solution for online eCommerce merchants that do not wish to handle credit card numbers directly on their websites but want to store cardholder data in exchange for a token. With this solution you can register a customer profile for future use and transaction processing. Only credit card/ACH info is registered in the Vault in exchange for a token. Moneris Vault payment method helps to reduce risk by storing sensitive data on Moneris’ secure PCI‐certified servers and removes sensitive data from the merchant’s system. With no card storage the merchant has less PCI certification efforts. Merchants may process a transaction at any time without the cardholder or their payment details being present.

Barion payment module

This week we’re also adding Barion payment module. Barion is a company based in Budapest that provides electronic payment services from general online store payments to special payment services. The classic Barion payment gateway service redirects your customer from your checkout page to Barion payment page where Barion takes care of everything else. The payment gateway also supports quick and easy refunds. Now HostBill supports Barion to process payments out of the box!

2019 Theme – widgets positioning

We keep on improving our 2019 Theme for client area to make it highly customizable and flexible. This week we’re adding new option to position widgets. Now, when configuring a widget you can choose the position: Left menu, Top menu or (newly added) Service “apps” menu. In the last case the widget link will appear in the service top menu, as shown on the image below:

Update recurring prices on currency rate changes

Running online business with international client base puts entirely new challenges on your billing department: using different currencies and taxation rules. HostBill tackles this problem with its features – automatically updated currency exchange rates and multiple tax rules/levels – just to name the few. We’ve now added new feature to update recurring prices on currency rate changes. With this option enabled all currency exchange rate changes (either automatic or manual) will result in updating recurring prices. You can set it in General Settings -> Currency & Tax Settings in your admin panel.

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