Mobile two-factor authentication

New plugin: Mobile 2FA, TrustPay payment gateway support and more news!

Strengthening your HostBill area access: we’re happy to introduce new Mobile 2FA plugin! This week we’ve also added a support for a TrustPay payment gateway and some other exciting features!

Mobile 2FA

Mobile 2FA is free plugin aimed at strengthening your HostBill admin area protection. With mobile two-factor authentication your staff members will receive a one-time passcode upon login. This method of two factor authentication can be enabled/disabled per staff member. The message the admin receives with the passcode can be easily edited in message templates. For this module to work you need to enable one of HostBill mobile notification modules and active mobile notifications setting.

TrustPay payment gateway

Our extensive list of payment gateways supported by HostBill keeps on growing. The new addition is TrustPay –  a provider of online payment solutions and a principal member of Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay. Founded in 2009, TrustPay belongs to first financial institutions within the region to provide secure e-commerce payments across EEA area. Now you can process payments in HostBill using TrustPay gateway!

We’ve also made a few other updates to HostBill admin area:

Password Manager

Password Manager module lets you manage your passwords from HostBill and share them with selected staff members in a secure way. The module gives you control over who can view, edit and delete password at the per-password level. The new option allows you to share password link with a client. To share a password, in your password manager module click “Share” button and choose one of the options:

  • Send to client – sends the password to the given client
  • Generate link – creates the link and allows you to copy it

The client can copy the password only once and after that the link expires.


Knowledgebase is a perfect support tool to help you save some time on client support allowing them to browse various how-to articles divided into different categories, easily browsed and filtered by your clients. We’ve now added the option to manage (reorder) articles in a tree view. Also, it’s now possible to search through Knowledgebase and Macros entries in ticket view so that searching for a given article is now even easier!

EU Billing

HostBill allows you to choose between two invoicing methods: Default Invoicing and EU invoicing method, where pro-forma invoices and paid invoices have separate numeration. With the new release we’ve added the option to fully block ability to edit invoice with Final ID issued. Enabling the option Block final invoice edits  (by default it’s off) will mean that the staff member will not be able to edit/update invoice once final number will be issued for it. When the invoice is blocked the admin will only be able to change the invoice status, add payment or edit payment method.

Domain import

We’ve added the possibility to import domains from registry into HostBill starting with several domain registrars, including Antagus, InternetX, Realtime Register. You will find this option in HostBill Admin -> Extras. From the list of registry’s active domains you can select:

  • Domain to import
  • The client that the domain should be assigned to (or create new client using domain registrar details)
  • TLD/product in HostBill the domain should be assigned to

For the full list of features added and bugs fixed please refer to our changelog.

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