New release! Alipay Cross Border Gateway, user account list bulk management and more!

This week’s release comes with a new payment gateway supported by HostBill – Alipay Cross Border and a bunch of new admin features!

Alipay Cross Border payment gateway

Alipay is a popular Chinese mobile and online payment platform. Alipay cross-border website payment gives your buyers a simplified and secure payment experience that keeps them local to your website throughout the payment process. Once integrated the Alipay online payment service, you can present an Alipay payment button on your website for the consumer to complete the payment and check out. Alipay cross-border website payment solution will let you offer your Chinese consumers a familiar payment experience that they are comfortable with. With this payment method you can deduct payment amount from the consumer’s Alipay account in real-time in CNY and settle the payment to you in a foreign currency.

Admin area – User account list bulk management

The Service management section in user profiles within the HostBill admin portal has now been improved. Staff members can now control number of records per page in accounts quick list (the list of accounts across admin UI/client profile). The amount of accounts that will be displayed in one page can be either 10, 20, 50, 100 or all accounts. You can easily select the account to be managed in bulk – you can select all accounts on the current screen with just one click, or choose accounts one by one, and then perform various actions such as create, suspend, unsuspend etc.

Client group settings

We’ve added two new settings per client group. Staff members can now control for each client group:

  • Continue Invoice Creation – this option lets you to decide whether or not to allow the customers to create new invoices if they have any previous unpaid invoices for the given product or service (which is currently suspended).
  • Final invoice settings – this option enables you to choose if you want to generate final invoice number immediately after order is made or to wait after the payment is received (and determine how many days after payment to generate final invoice)

The list of all new features and bugs fixed in this release can be found in our changelog.

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