Knowledge base update

One of HostBill’s free (and extremely useful) support tools – aimed at client self-service Knowledge base has just received a few enhancements!

Why use knowledge base?

Customer support probably consumes a lot of your time and providing your clients with a self-service support tool can help you reduce customer service to minimum. The knowledge base is a source of information that can be obtained by clients without sending a support ticket. So if you do it right you can provide your clients with great customer experience with almost no effort! That’s why we’ve taken some time to improve HostBill knowledge base. Last week we’ve added the option to manage (reorder) articles in a tree view and to search through Knowledgebase and Macros entries in ticket view to make searching for a given article is now even easier. Today, we’ve added some more new options:

Customers can now vote for articles

If you’d like to know your clients opinions on your knowledge base articles you can let them vote for them. You can enable/disable this feature in HostBill admin area -> Settings -> Support. Once the feature is on your clients will be able to upvote or downvote each article. One visitor can only vote once!

Let customers Disqus comments to knowledge base articles through additional free module

Not only your customers can now vote for the articles, they will also be able to add comments through DISQUS thanks to our free integration!

You can now set articles relationships

To make your knowledge base more comprehensive and easy to use you can now link related articles. This can be easily done by searching through existing articles and multi-selecting related articles. The viewers will see related articles at the bottom of the page.

You can now see Viewed/Rated knowledgebase statistics

Knowledge base statistics will help you better understand what your customers are looking for (articles view statistics) or for example which articles turned out to be more useful. In the statistics tab you can check 100 most viewed articles, 100 Most upvoted articles, 100 Most downvoted articles or 100 least viewed articles. The statistics are available in HostBill admin area -> Knowledgebase -> Statistics.

To learn more about HostBill knowledge base click here.


This week we’ve also introduced some other new features – check our changelog for the details!





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