Support PIN plugin

New plugin: Support PIN

Providing your customers with excellent support service, especially via phone, can be a daunting task. The vital part of it that unfortunately often turns out to be the most difficult is client identification process. To make things easier we’ve created the Support PIN module that will simplify and secure the process of receiving phone support.

Client verification should be easy and quick yet secure to detect potential fraudsters. Many companies use knowledge-based authentication, which often fails. That’s why we’ve came up with a more reliable solution.

With Support PIN module you can allow your customers to generate time-limited support PIN numbers in their client area to enable easy client verification during phone support. The staff members can easily search customers by PIN number and list all support PIN numbers. The PIN length and valid time can be also easily set in admin panel.

Detailed plugin information can be viewed hereThe Support PIN plugin expanded the range of Support modules offered by HostBill that can be browsed here.

Customers can generate support PINs from client portal
Staff can look through support PINs in separate module page
Staff can add widget to their dashboards for fast PIN search

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