Autoupdate problems after 2018-03-21 release fix

We’ve noticed that our release on 2018-03-21 may have broken autoupgrade feature on selected installations. We’ve just released new patch release (2018-03-22) to address this problem, but if you are experiencing problem where screen hangs on the message “Update progress…” below you can find information how to easily fix it.


Autoupgrade hangs on “Update progress…” message.


Download patch file:
Unzip in your main HostBill directory (usually /home/hostbill/public_html/)
Patch file SHA256 Sum: 694669437d7f17f86210bd929043033caa1f60446ce04105a2caa568a9e5ab27

Note: Use this patch only if you are using HostBill v. 2018-03-21


HostBill can auto-upgrade itself for over 6 years now (we’ve released first version of autoupgrade in 2012). We constantly improve our auto-upgrade feature, and recent release was no different. Unfortunately our recent release contained minor bug in new pre-check feature that was fixed shortly after release, but some installations may still be affected by it.

What is new in the autoupdate?

  • Faster updates
    To make updates even faster than they already are we’re migrating our backend to CDN-powered file delivery system.
  • Pre-update checks
    Updater checked for access to latest versions before, now it also checks whether it will be able to finish update before even starting it!
  • Ioncube-version checks
    It’s no secret that we are preparing HostBill to support PHP 7.1 & 7.2. To make this happen, and make HostBill and its plugins portable across different PHP versions we need to drop old IonCube loaders versions support. With upcoming releases HostBill will require IonCube loaders 10.1 or higher, and autoupdate will check that for you.
  • Better error-reporting
    If something goes wrong during update or before it, you will know exactly when and why

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