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Multi-channel support

Feature overview: Multi-channel support

Providing different methods of communication for your customers to reach you and answering all enquiries with the same level of professionalism and agility is what your customers expect from you. Multi-channel support – not only increases customer satisfaction and customer retention but also boosts your brand’s image and credibility. At HostBill we give you the opportunity to serve your clients in a variety of ways that are convenient and effective.

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New admin permissions

HostBill gives you the ability to set different levels of privileges for different staff members or different department. With our latest release we’ve added new admin ACLs (permissions) that can be enabled/disabled in admin profile or in admin team settings.

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Support PIN plugin

New plugin: Support PIN

Providing your customers with excellent support service, especially via phone, can be a daunting task. The vital part of it that unfortunately often turns out to be the most difficult is client identification process. To make things easier we’ve created the Support PIN module that will simplify and secure the process of receiving phone support.

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HostBill 4.2.2 Release

Another exciting week of development passed – we’re happy to introduce new version of HostBill. What’s new?

Priority Support Plugin
Working in service provider market your company surely has customers falling under different SLA than others, to whom you’re obliged to respond faster.
HostBill features become handy here – you can now define priority support packages, which will automatically make your priority tickets stand out, and alert you once such ticket is submitted or requires reply.
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HostBill 4.1.0 Preview: Ticket Views

Just a couple of hours left before new HostBill version release – we’d like to take a time and show you an amazing new feature of upcoming update.

HostBill ticketing system is recognized as easy to use, despite being packed with dozens of useful features. With new version we’re adding new one to admin ticketing interface – Ticket Views. Now every admin will be able to define their own custom ticket listing, select auto-search & ticket filter criteria, columns and column order displayed in view.
Each admin can define their private views (displayed only for them), or public (displayed for all support staff members).

Use cases:

  • Using a mobile phone and want to catch up with your tickets on a train? Define mobile view to display only your tickets and ticket subjects/status (you don’t need anything else on a small smartphone screen) – one click away and you can see only what you need.
  • Using ticket tags & search terms to sort special groups of tickets – define view and have them one click away from you
  • Certain search term repeats? When entering new filter details you can store it as a view with one click

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