Another set of OnApp module updates is here!

It’s been almost a week since last OnApp module update – so its about time to bring you new improvements/bugfixes to our HostBill+OnApp integration!:

Changes / New features:

  • Fixed: Its not possible to terminate user that has been previously suspended
  • Fixed: Admin dont see virtualmachines of suspended user
  • Fixed: Auto-created vm for “Single machine” product have other root pass than set in HostBill
  • Fixed: User custom OS Templates are not listed in clientarea for new VM creation
  • Fixed: VM fails to autoprovision when cpu share is less than cpu cores limit in package
  • Fixed: Listing IPs in clientarea for vms with more than one IP address assigned bug
  • New IP is now automatically assigned after ordering additional IP through OnApp:Ip addon.
  • When addon like extra IP is hidden, but assigned to product – it wont display in cart but will be available to order from clientarea
  • When customer orders single vps with more than one IP, it will be assigned to his VM automatically
  • Assigning new IP address in clientarea now invokes VM Network Rebuild
  • Added unassigned IP count in clientarea VM:Ip tab

OnApp 2.1 Gold module for HostBill

Update Instructios:

Place downloaded package in your main HostBill directory and unzip it there.

Full changelog:

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