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HostBill 4.3.4 Release

As with every Friday – new HostBill is here. What’s new?

OnApp v3 support
Long awaited OnApp 3.0 has just been released. We’ve been working with OnApp team really hard to make sure best OnApp billing integration available is up to date.

Learn more about OnApp-HostBill integration at

Product Components:Forms: Extra resource billing
Much requested feature – sliders and qty fields now can be billed based on qty bracket that the client selects. Encourage your clients to purchase more resources with lower price for higher quantities. I.e: 0-512 RAM-> $1/MB, 512-2048 ->$0.8/MB

Check out this feature’s video preview at

Full changelog available at

HostBill 3.9.2 Release

Time for the new update from HostBill team: HostBill 3.9.2 has just been released. What’s new?

New orderpage: Premade plans slider
Another great slider to our collection – this one lets you define custom “stacks” in orderpage settings.
Example stack A: WordPress, Stack B: Drupal, Stack C: Virtuemart etc.
Stacks appear on the orderpage below slider, once clicked it sets slider to the predefined position.
Limit support questions: How much ram would my WordPress install need?

New orderpage: SSL Certificates v2
Our already great orderpage for SSL Certificates just got better!

OnApp module updates: “vCPU” feature
Tired of clients asking about explaining CPU Priority to them? Use our vCPU feature that will bind fixed priority to CPU cores, so your clients won’t need to worry about setting the proper value.

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 3.8.0 Release

HostBill 3.8.0 has just been released, make sure to check what’s new:

OnApp & OnApp CDN: Pre-Paid Metered billing
Let your customers pay upfront for resources. Invoices can be generated after account credit will reach your threshold.

New module: Observium
Now you can add bandwidth billing through Observium, an alternative to previously released Cacti integration. Allow clients to browse graphs, estimate & bill for overages. Learn more at

New, Easy Development Kit
Building module for HostBill has never been easier – no object oriented programming skills required – simple function calls, well documented at allows you to create fully functional module with a few lines of code.

2 new orderpages
– Gauge sliders – innovative orderpage, ideal for cloud & VPS hosters.
– Dedicated servers – full screen. Perfect for dedicated servers & colocation products.

Full changelog:

HostBill 3.5.0 Release

HostBill 3.5.0 is now available! Take a 5-minutes tour of new HostBill features:

Proxmox VE integration:
Now you can build cloud/vps platform on top of Proxmox + HostBill – with rich client area integration & multiple options!
Learn more at:

OnApp DNS integration:
Start managed DNS hosting or use OnApp Anycast DNS as a backend for your clients’ domains – fully automated through HostBill.
Learn more at:

Improved DNS management:
You can now use your own DNS servers and offer your clients ability to manage their domain DNS records, with automated zones creation on: cPanel DNS, PowerDNS & OnApp integration:
By popular demand – we’re introducing fully automated SSL Certificate provisioning trough The SSL Store platform.
Learn more at:

Developers: new DevKit & documentation:
Creating modules for HostBill just get simpler & more powerful! Visit our new developer corner at and learn how to introduce metered billing, cron function, hooks, widgets, client interface & much more to your modules!

Full changelog:

Dont forget to check our two new order pages:

HostBill 3.2.4 Released

Cloudstack and XenServer integrations – brand new HostBill is here!

What’s new in HostBill?

CloudStack – build your cloud hosting on top of CloudStack infrastructure and automated billing with HostBill – fully featured client area and multiple provisioning possibilities – learn more at:

Citrix XenServer – Automated VM provisioning on popular XenServer hypervisor with HostBill

OnApp CDN Metered Billing – You can now sell CDN service with Pay-as-you-go model – clients will pay only for CDN traffic consumed

And much more, including Coupon code upgrades, Client area IP restrictions and ticketing system improvements.

Full changelog:


Order/ free trial:

HostBill 3.2.1 – Introducing OnApp Reseller

New HostBill version has just been released!
If you’re using OnApp you can now offer reseller program thanks to our OnApp Reseller module – we can build dedicated custom module for you that will allow your reseller to use it on your cloud only, to sell VPS packages he will define in his HostBill.

Learn more about OnApp Reseller at:

Another exciting new feature is ticket tags – watch them in action at

Full changelog:


Order/ free trial: