Assign Ticket & External Ticket Addon

Feature Overview

Assign Ticket & External Ticket Addon allows to assign tickets for staff outside any department. Add-on is responsible for creating new profile to view & access certain ticket.


We hired new developer to make HostBill integration with current website.

We were in need to supply him with ticket ID so he can work close with the client. We do not want anyone new enter our main billing system so we created this addon that sends him email with following content:


You have been assigned to ticket at HostBill System

Ticket [#6741ee] – Import from CVS

Log in here:
Username: TestUser
Password: ErwEERRR

Developer can now work with client on this ticket, and ONLY on this ticket.

Download & Install

1. Download file from HostBill
2. Copy zip archive into HostBill directory: /includes/modules/Other
3. Extract all files

4. Activate in HostBill

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