Gateway per Client plugin

New plugin: Gateway per Client

Accepting multitude of incoming payment transactions through different payment gateways from clients all over the world can put your company at a fraud risk. Our newly introduced Gateway per Client plugin was aimed as an extra measure of protection against fraud when accepting online payments.

Thanks to the Gateway per Client module you will be able to select which payment gateways a specific customer will have access to when placing the order on your website.  The gateways accessible for given client can be selected in the customer profile in your HostBill admin panel.

The Gateway per Client plugin is especially useful when you want to give the customer the ability to pay for the order that for some reason was marked as fraud. In this case HostBill will automatically limit the choice of gateways to ensure maximum transaction safety and the highest level of fraud protection. This is extremely helpful if you do not want to loose customers that you don’t particularly trust, by letting them pay for the order using subset of gateways you offer (for example using non-refundable BitCoin payments).

The plugin details and pricing can be found here.

Gateway per client
Module configuration
Gateway per client
Configuring gateway per client in the client profile

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