Payment Links plugin

New plugin: Payment Links

We’re happy to introduce new plugin: Payment Links, which is a handy tool to help you collect payments in a fast and effective way.

Getting your customers to pay their invoices on time can be a tricky business. Creating a friendly invoice with a polite language can help you receive payments faster. What can help you even more, is to add a ‘Pay Now’ links to your invoices to direct your customers straight to the payment page and that’s what our Payment Links plugin was created for.

Thanks to Payment Links plugin you can generate links redirecting to payment processing website and add them to the invoices sent to your customers. The customer accessing the payment link will be automatically verified and authenticated. Only if the customer passes the authentication process, he/she will be allowed to make the payment or perform any actions related to payment. If the customer attempts to visit other sections, he/she will be automatically logged out for security reasons.

You can find out more about the plugin features and pricing here.


This week we have also introduced Related Services feature and added new features to ISP ManagerProxmoxIPAM and OnApp modules. Check out the details of this week’s release in our Changelog!

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