HostBill 3.7.0 Release

HostBill 3.7.0 is now available for download. What’s new in the latest HostBill?

Major ticket improvements:

  • Ticket macros – now you can add predefined response to tickets & automatically perform actions like status change, priority change, staff assignment & more.
  • Bulk actions – select multiple tickets in details screen to apply bulk action – using ticket macros and custom criteria you can update similar tickets at once!
  • Advanced ticket filters – create pre-import filters to determine tickets that should be rejected and post-import to apply automated actions after ticket creation based on your custom rules.
  • SLA/Escalations – HostBill now can automatically escalate & overdue tickets based on SLA set per department

Learn more about ticketing system in HostBill at

Mobile notifications:

  • Now your staff members and customers can receive mobile notifications on certain events in HostBill, like new or escalated tickets, new orders, new/due invoice, expiring domain & more.
  • Mobile notification modules include Twilio, Clickatell, Prowl (iPhone Push), NMA (Android Push)

OnApp module improvements:

  • Your cloud customers now will be able to manage rDNS records for their IPs
  • Clients can now create tags for their virtual machines, for easier management

One Time Passwords Plugin:
Enable additional layer of security for your HostBill admin area – you can protect your admin section with Time-based One Time Passwords. Use your mobile device (tested with iPhone and Android) to generate one time password that will allow you to login.

New OrderPage: 3 steps slider.
Your clients will love a new order page for your products – product ordering gets easy as 1,2,3!

Full changelog:

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