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HostBill v.1.2.0 Released

Free integrated Live Chat, Affiliates system, Downloads support, Servers monitor, Multilanguage Admin area, Graphical system statistics – these are just few features that HostBill 1.2.0 can offer you! Go ahead and grab fresh copy from client area – if you don’t have your license yet remember that you can try out HostBill for 3 months for free!

Visit our online demo and experience HostBill in Spanish, try out live chat features, and find out if affiliates system can make your hosting grow! Don’t forget to leave feedback, so together we can make HostBill best billing/support software for you, your clients and your staff. For full release information visit our forum.

HostBill v.1.0.6 Released

As promised to our customers – version 1.0.6 of HostBill is out today! You’ll be amazed by the number of third party modules integrated with HostBill – detailed information about release is posted on our forum.

Go ahead and try out our live demo and experience new HostBill features by yourself, or if you’re our customer already grab your own copy from our client area!

Announcing HostBill v.1.0.6 Upcoming Release

We’re working more than hard here on another release – this one will be focused mostly on bringing third party modules requested on our forums. Here are some of the modules we’ve already done for this version:

  • Interworx hosting panel
  • ISPConfig hosting panel
  • Namecheap domain registrar
  • NoChex gateway
  • AliPay gateway
  • and few more (to be announced with the release)

So stay tuned for version 1.0.6 release announcement, which is scheduled to the middle of February 2010. Want to see another module on official 1.0.6 release list? Let us know using our community forum!

Also we’ve launched another blog for directly hosting related topics – visit “Articles” section on our website and read our first article – how to in few steps set up VPS hosting in Hetzner datacenter. More articles to come – we’re also opened for authors who want to participate and share their knowledge and experience on hosting related topics.

HostBill v.1.0.4 Released

We’re happy to announce that version 1.0.4 is finished and available for download from our client area. VPS is future of hosting, thats why in this release we put much pressure on making HostBill work well for VPS hosting providers. By using HostBill and its integrated VPS modules your clients don’t need to log in into third-party software in most cases as they can use your site [with integrated HostBill] to manage their VPS and keep track of its details [memory, disk space, assigned IPs etc].

To get more informations about this particular release visit our forum.

Annoucing HostBill v.1.0.4 Upcoming Release

It’s a matter of days now until new HostBill version release. With 1.0.4 we’ll be introducing promotional coupons, information pages, custom category cart templates and most importantly new VPS hosting modules integration – SolusVM, vePortal, Panenthe – we’re waiting for update of the API from all of mentioned software developers, so both them and HostBill can give great opportunity for hosting companies owners to introduce VPS hosting management into their offers.

Note that this is only a part of already developed for this version features – visit our forums and let us know what is missing for you in HostBill – we’re looking forward for more great feedback and feature requests!

HostBill v.1.0.2 Released

We’re happy to announce that version 1.0.2 is finished and available for download from our client area. With release of this version we’re introducing new payment options for HostBill license:

  • Already known free three months trial for max five accounts created using HostBill
  • Monthly Leased License – unlimited number of accounts, valid for one installation, “Powered by HostBill” line across system – $12.95/monthly
  • No Branded Monthly Leased LIcense – same as above, without “Powered by” line – $15.95/monthly

Detailed release notes on version 1.0.2 can be found on our forum.

Announcing HostBill 1.0.2 upcoming release

Hello all interested in HostBill project!
We’re happy to announce that version 1.0.2 is getting its last screws and bolts and it will be released very soon from now (date will be revealed in the next post). As we’re very excited with it, we’d like to give you a sneak preview of upcoming new features in HostBill – mostly developer-friendly ones.

Here is the short list of upcoming features:
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Announcing HostBill v.1.0 Official Release Date

It’s official now – 17.11.2009 – first public available version of HostBill will be released. It will be available to download for free from our clientarea. You’ll be able to use it for free for three months or until you gather five customers with it – so it’s perfect for companies beginning their adventure with hosting as well as the ones who want to test it before paying for it. For full feature list of version 1.0.0 please visit Features section of our website, or our Forum.

Big day of release is coming soon

We’re making last tests and fixes before releasing HostBill to wider than beta-testers audience. Every module is being tested in live mode because we want to be sure that everything is working properly in mentioned release day. Exact date of release will be posted soon, so stay tuned for that! On behalf of all HB developers I think I can tell that all of us simply cannot wait for this day and getting more opinions on our product 😉