OPSSHIELD module for HostBill

Resell OPSSHIELD Licenses with HostBill!

Two major updates in today’s release: we’re launching a new integration, which allows to resell OPSSHIELD Licenses and a big change in product pricing configuration. Discover all the news in the blog post!

OPSSHIELD License Reseller Module

OPSSHIELD is a young and reverberant venture focused on developing new software and plugins to support Linux Webhosting Servers. HostBill module allows to resell OPSSHIELD Licenses in a fully automated manner. You can quickly configure OPSSHIELD products using various sales tools available in HostBil and automate billing, invoicing, payment collection and service management: licenses are created, issued and terminated automatically. The automation also covers package upgrades and downgrades. HostBill client panel gives access to billing and current license details and enables to reissue the license when necessary. Admin panel gives you full control over the account lifecycyle and the accessibility of the client features.

Products: define a 0.00 base price product with monthly pricing from Form fields

HostBill prides itself in a very flexible product configuration and it is mostly thanks to multiple pricing models available and the Forms feature that allows to configure products during order by supplying additional information and selecting variations. Using those two elements we now introduce a new product configuration option: it is now possible to create products with monthly billing and the price set to 0.00. Previously, when the price was set to 0.00, the product pricing model was automatically changed to “Free” rather than “Monthly”. The price for such products will be now defined by components – through Forms. The moment you add to the product a component with monthly pricing, in the cart the product will be displayed with a price defined as “starting from” and the lowest value of the component.

Modules updates

In today’s release we also introduce a few modules updates. Synergy Wholesale domain registrar module now supports price import feature so you can automatically import available extensions and prices from the registry with your price margins. Vultr VPS Hosting Reseller module has two new client functions: ability to control automatic backup schedule and to restore from the backup. Additionally, the module now allows to take and restore snapshots. Inventory Manager plugin built to track datacenter assets from vendor delivery up to expiration has two new links from Items: to build if item is part of it and to Dedicated Servers Manager if it’s a part of assigned build. Respectively, Dedicated Servers Manager displays the link to related Inventory Manager build. The list doesn’t end here – check the Changelog for more!

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