New release: usability improvements

The latest release comes with a handful usability improvements in admin panel and new functionalities for a couple of domain registrar modules! Check the blog post for the details!

Admin area

In the admin panel we added several usability improvements. The first one concerns Image notes attachments which now can be previewed. It is also now possible to load the template content when bulk-notifying clients and modify it before sending the message, which gives you the opportunity to adjust and customize it. The email template can also be  modified before sending it from the Status Updates module.

In HostBill logs, there are now Account log entries for the cron task “Perform auto provisioning tasks like suspend/terminate” and Admin-made ticket actions are now logged with the admin ID and username.


The NameISP domain registrar module has two new major functionalities added: Support for DNS management, which allows end-customers to update registry-maintained DNS records, provided that domain is pointing to the registry name servers, and Support for Lookup engine, which means that you can use the registry API as lookup engine for fast and accurate domain searches. In other domain module – Nominet the domain transfers can now set new domain nameservers rather than those set in HostBill. Also Realtime Register now has the option to imports promotional prices.

All of the release notes along with the bug fixes list is available in Changelog!

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