New client notification & Bluemedia payment gateway update!

Today in release we’re presenting a new notification for clients sent upon failed login attempt, rebranded Bluemedia gateway and more.

New client notification

As HostBill is all about automation, there’s a whole selection of notifications that can be sent automatically upon certain events to both admins and clients.

Client email templates are used for sending emails to HostBill clients. Since HostBill is an automatic software, a lot of actions are taken automatically and as a result an email notification is sent. Client templates can be edited according to your individual requirements. Templates can be also enabled or disabled by you, if you decided that some of them are not of use to you at the given moment and you want to prevent certain emails from being sent. Each email can be also sent as a notification in client area – to do so just click on “Post Portal Notification” checkbox in template details.

The list of available emails and templates is quite extensive and now a new notification has been added: filed login attempt. The notification can be managed from Settings -> Email Templates -> Client emails.

Settings -> Email Templates -> Client emails -> Failed login

Invoice due date settings

Among multiple invoice generation options, now you can automatically set due date of invoices to end of next month. This option can be set either for a single client (in client profile automation settings) or for the whole client group or for a chosen service. It is available under Automation settings concerning Invoice, where you can move due date into future for recurring invoices. If the value is set to ‘nm’, the due date will be set to the last day of the next month.

Client groups -> Automation -> Invoice

Bluemedia is now Autopay

Bluemedia is a technology company that provides modern payment tools for business entities and public organizations. Bluemedia payment gateway is integrated with HostBill and allows to process payments out of the box. Recently Bluemedia has been rebranded to Autopay and we have incorporated those changes in HostBill!

All release notes are listed in the Changelog!

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