New balance widgets, client group settings, staff notification & more!

We keep the pace and continue to deliver further enhancements and completely new features to your HostBill. This week in the release you’ll find new settings for client groups, new staff notification, new client function for services and domains, changes in eCheck/ACH/Bank/SEPA settings and a lot more!

Admin area changes

New features were added to Client Groups in the latest release and now we’re further extending Client Group functionalities. Client Groups allow to set various configurations and privileges in terms of billing and invoicing, product automation, orders, discounts, support and notification for certain group of customers. Now in the Billing section there’s a new option to allow upgrading service with unpaid Invoice, which previously could be set only globally, for all customers. This setting now also works on per customer basis and can be configured in Client Profile Automation Settings section.

Client group settings -> Billing

In HostBill you can define on which events given staff members or staff teams should receive notifications. Notifications include email and mobile notifications. You can configure the notifications individually for each staff member or use pre-configured set of notifications. Now we added a separate admin permission for notifications to receive “Discount expiration” emails.

New Client Function: Logs

In each product/service that you configure in HostBill you can enable various Client Functions and control what features customer will have access to in the client portal. Client Functions availability can differ depending on the product type and module connected. New function called “Logs” enables clients to show selected log entries related to account from the account logs. This will not log account changes made by staff, but may reveal errors coming directly from related provisioning module. Clients can now also enable a widget with the domain log and account log.

Client functions: Logs

Coinpayments and Mollie balance widgets

Two payments gateway modules: Coinpayments and Mollie now have balance widgets available to show current wallets balance for Coinpayments and account balance (available and pending) for Mollie. Once any of these plugins is activated, you can turn on the widget in the admin dashboard by clicking Add New Widget button and pin the balance widget to your admin panel view.

When it comes to payment gateways, automated mandate captures for GoCardless, Mollie, Redsys and Worldpay modules are now controlled by the updated section eCheck/ACH/Bank/SEPA which can be found under Settings -> Billing. The same concerns automated captures for ACSS, BACS, BECS, SEPA, ACH for Stripe module.

SMS Verification

With the SMS Verification plugin you can perform automated sign-ups verification – your new customers will be required to provide mobile phone number upon signup. With this module you can also enforce verification on password change or password reset and choose a macro that will be run on the created ticket after client activates the account. New option allows to pick the preferred notification module if more than one is available. If none is set, the SMS verification module will pick the first available notification module.

SMS Verification module configuration

There’s a lot more than that in today’s release – check the Changelog for all the info!

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