New release

Another Monday, another release and today the list of new functionalities added to HostBill is quite extensive!

Affiliates: over 100% commission

HostBill built-in comprehensive affiliate system is a perfect tool to use to gain more traffic and boost sales. Each service you sell comes with different margin hence with HostBill you can create unlimited commission plans with various commission rates, set depending on service billing cycle and/or price, so you don’t money on fixed commissions. To cater to different needs, we now enabled to set more than 100% commission rate. It can be set when you check the Overprovision box to allow commission higher than order total.

Affiliate settings

New API calls

Today’s release comes with a number of new API calls added, concerning various sections, as described below:

  • Domains: deleteDomainCancellation API call
  • Afilliates: getAffiliates, getAffiliate, getAffiliateCampaigns, getAffiliateVouchers, getAffiliateCommisionPlans, getAffiliateCommissions API calls
  • Cancellations: getCancellations, addAccountCancellation and deleteAccountCancellation API calls
  • Additionally, addTicketReply now accepts replier type and id + ability to encrypt reply contents

Dedicated Servers Manager & IPAM update

Two of our Data Center/Colocation plugins received updates this week.

To improve the navigation and usability in Colocaction Manager we added the information about connected Account ID in switch/PDU ports list. Port import now has a new intermediate step allowing to re-arrange ports to import, select ports and re-name them. New functionality for binding connections from Colocation Manager item to account in case of traffic graph found will also auto-add it to bandwidth tab.

In IP Address Manager there are two changes. First, if the account appeared as “added outside of IPAM” but it is public and in IPAM database is unassigned, it will be auto-assigned to the account. And secondly, removing IP assignment in IPAM details, will also remove this IP from manually assigned ones.

Other news

Stripe Intents 3D Secure module is now equipped with 3DS authorization for the saved card if the payment requires a mandate. When using the gateway you can also now disable the option to save client’s card in the cart.

In the Support System, changing ticket author from “unassigned” to a client will also change author name and email to the client’s name. In the admin panel we also added links to the related app connection configuration in account/domain details.

Full changelog available here.

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