HostBill internal client statuses

Internal client statuses: managing your sales funnel

New internal client statuses: Prospect, Lead and Lost will allow you to place your customers in your sales funnel, get insights on their purchasing journey and use the knowledge to generate more sales!

Internal client statuses

Accurate and effective client management makes your business easier to run. HostBill customer management tools keep your contacts organized and give you quick access to highly personalized customer details. 

All clients listed in your HostBill have a status assigned to them. Available statuses included: Active, Closing, Closed, Archived. Now we added three new internal client statuses to help you manage your customers journey with you and move customers between different stages in your sales funnel. Those new statuses are: Lead, Prospect and Lost. Clients with those statuses can’t login or order any products by themselves (they can accept Estimates created by staff) and do not receive any email of mobile notifications concerning their profile. Client statuses can be assigned to customers during client registration:

Admin area updates

Apart from new client statuses, this week in HostBill we’re also adding some new settings to the admin panel. In Outgoing Mail Configuration panel you can now decide how to address your customers by default in email notifications: by First and Last name or by Company name (if present).

Speaking about email, a new Email notification about credit increase is now available to send to clients.

In Credit Card settings if more than one tokenization module is available, you now have the option to pick the default one that should be responsible for tokenizing cards if those are entered in client portal.

There are also two changes. In Automation the account cancelation requests will be processed according to account’s expiration date and not the due date. In Import: preventing the import of missing TLDs if they are already offered to customers.

All release note are available in our Changelog!

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