New release

In this week’s release we’re adding support for auto-import feature for CPS-Datensysteme DMC-3 and ApisCP modules and there are a couple of other updates as well!

CPS-Datensysteme DMC-3

CPS-Datensysteme DMC-3 is one of the leading German domain registrars for providers and agencies and HostBill module allows to automate CPS-Datensysteme domain provisioning and management. The module now supports the import of the domains and prices. The import tool is available in Extras -> Import services -> Import TLD prices.

To proceed with the import first you need to create an import profile that will be connected with the domain registrar. Then you can set a default margin that will be added to the imported pricing. You also need to choose a default product – one of the TLDs that will act as a “source of data” for all items that import can’t automatically determine, such as automation settings, nameservers etc. There are also a number of options to choose from (auto-update, fill missing TLDs, update missing periods) – the details of the auto-import are described in this blog post.

Importing TLD prices


ApisCP is an open-source hosting platform for PHP, Ruby, Node, Python, and Go projects; built by a hosting company for hosting. The ApisCP module for HostBill is a perfect tool to sell hosting services with automated account management. New feature enables to import all your accounts data from your control panel to HostBill within few mouse clicks. The process is quick and easy and it’s all described in HostBill documentation.

Other news

In other news, in client area there is now a rate limit for logged in customer password change. OpenProvider module has a new “Add Renew Domain automation task” option. New method was added to UserAPI module to list zones under specific DNS service. All the news are listed in the Changelog!

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