New release: news in domain management, Cloud Monitoring, automation & more!

This week in release we’re presenting new features concerning domain management, on both client and admin sides, new functionalities for Cloud Monitoring plugin, new functions in Custom Automation and more!

Domain management

HostBill is the ultimate domain management software with handful of options for domain management and automation. On the client side you can enable a set of client functions such as: manage and register nameservers, DNS management, contact information and more. New client function allows to update the EPP code. We also added the possibility to validate EPP code with regular expression. Other news in domain management include the “Period” option for bulk update prices.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring is a plugin that allows to deploy monitoring node with ease, and scale when needed. The module has multitude of features both on admin and client sides. It supports ICMP / HTTP and now also HTTPS / UDP / TCP Monitored Protocols. We also enabled clients to choose and  pick from one of supported protocols. Additionally, now the module sends separate staff notifications on up/down events.

Custom Automation

In HostBill you can easily create custom automation rules which give you countless of options to manage your services. Creating custom automation tasks is one of the most powerful HostBill features, as it gives you high flexibility to adapt automation options to your needs and to each product/service/account individually. Now we added additional email variables for custom tasks, to give you even more possibilities!

Other news

It is also worth noticing, that we added Guest account indicator when opening ticket for client. SSL Automation Helper plugin now supports related services. User API Plugin has new API POST /quote and POST /order methods which support renew orders.

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