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Multiple card storage, QuickPay Token gateway and more!

Curious what new is coming in today’s release? We’re happy to announce multiple credit card storage, new QuickPay Token gateway, domain suggestions in “Domain R16” and “Domain 2019” order pages and more!

Multiple credit card / payment method storage

Until now HostBill enabled to store one credit card and bank account details per client. With today’s release we’re adding the opportunity to store multiple cards, bank accounts details and Payment Tokens!

All the settings for credit cards storage, management and payment collection can be configured in General Settings -> Billing -> Credit Cards. Here’s where you can choose which credit cards to accept, whether to allow card details storage and how to charge the cards (detailed info in Credit Card settings article). If credit cards storage is enabled, clients can now add multiple credit cards and store the details in client area, in Billing -> Credit Cards section:

Client area: Billing -> Credit Cards
Client area: Add new credit card

Clients can also add bank details in Billing -> eCheck/ACH section:

Client area: Billing -> eCheck/ACH -> Store ACH details

Cards can also be added and managed by staff from admin panel. In Client Profile there’s the Payment methods section, which enables to browse, add, edit and delete credit cards, bank account details and Payment tokens. It also provides quick access to the Card changes log to check all the changes made to the stored cards details.

Admin area: Client profile -> Payment methods
Admin area: Client profile: Add credit card

QuickPay Token gateway

QuickPay is a a secure, reliable and dynamic payment service provider that accepts broad spectrum of payment methods – credit cards, mobile payments, invoices, and more. We now added the second QuickPay module – QuickPay Token, which supports tokenization and allows to accept recurring charges! With this feature your customers will only have to authorize their credit card once – after that they can pay without filling in their payment details. The gateway is free and available to all HostBill users.

Domain suggestions in “Domain R16” and “Domain 2019” order pages

Domain Name Suggestions feature is a handy tool for your domain name business. The tool enables to generate ideas for domain names and check their availability for free. Now, two more order pages support it: R16 and Domain 2019. The feature can be enabled in General Settings -> Domain & DNS.

Other news

New features added this week also include the ability to quickly select and deselect all products in Bulk Update, new Log entry for SMTP Test connection, the option to select which flavors should be offered in client area for products with with flavor billing. and domain modules now enable to set NS during domain transfer. All the other features and bug fixes are listed in the Changelog!

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