New integration: Constellix DNS module!

We’re happy to announce new integration added to our portfolio: Constellix DNS module allows to resell DNS services!

Constellix DNS integration

Another DNS module joins our product portfolio! Offer comprehensive set of services to your customers and add DNS to your product offer!

Constellix provides a DNS management tool that is specially engineered for optimizing multi-cloud and multi-CDN architectures using intelligent traffic routing services. HostBill integration is an instrument to resell and manage Constellix DNS services in an automated manner. With flexible product configuration and billing options that HostBill provides you can choose your most suitable payment model: charge clients per DNS Zone, offer free DNS to other services or offer DNS Management for domain names. HostBill automation is comprehensive, not only you can automatically import existing zones to HostBil, manage, import and export DNS templates, also the whole account management is fully automated, so you can focus your efforts on other tasks! 

Clients can take various actions on their services from the client panel: create and manage DNS zones and records, clone records, manage DNS entries, apply DNS templates in bulk and more. The availability of client functions fully depends on admins. Admin panel enables to list client zones, import/export DNS templates and manage and control client information.

If you’re curious to find out what else we’ve prepared in today’s release, please visit the Changelog section on our website!

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