New: Stripe BACS and Stripe BECS support

This week new in HostBill: two new payment methods for Stripe integration, new functionalities for DigitalOcean and UpCloud modules and more!

Stripe BACS and Stripe BECS payment methods

Stripe Bacs and Stripe Bacs are payment methods offered by Stripe that enable to accept Direct Debit payments from customers with a bank account – the first one for clients in the UK and the latter for clients in Australia. We’re happy to announce that HostBill now supports both methods to process payments in HostBill out of the box! Bacs Direct Debit and Becs Direct Debit are reusable (which means you can reuse this payment method without authorizing and collecting payment details again), delayed notification payment methods – it can take a few business days to receive notification on the success or failure of a payment after you initiate a debit from the customer’s account. You can find out more about the integrations in HostBill documentation.

Digital Ocean

With DigitalOcean module for HostBill you can resell DigitalOcean droplets and are free to charge for OS templates, regions or droplets size. New features for the integration allow to attach support staff SSH keys when creating VM and to select Private OS Images in product configuration.


UpCloud integration with HostBill enables to sell VPS Hosting by reselling UpCloud instances. With HostBill various billing models and flexible product configuration options you can charge your customers for OS templates, locations or VM plans. We’re happy to announce new functionalities added to the module: the option to inject staff SSH key to customer machines during creation, the option to select machine name source in product configuration and the option to specify custom storage type and size in product.

That’s not all! For all the news from today’s release please visit our changelog!

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