New domain module

In today’s release we’re introducing a new domain registrar module, improvements to Stripe Intents, new options for product configuration and order auto-cancelling and more! is a service coordinated by The Restena Foundation responsible for the management of Luxembourg country code top-level domain (ccTLD): .lu. HostBill integration allows to automate domain provisioning and management: domain registration, transfer, renewal, deletion, synchronization. Client functions available for this module include managing contacts and updating name servers. The module is Premium, you can find out more about its pricing on the featurepage.

Please note that .lu domains do not allow to change registrant, they will charge for domain trade. The .lu domains do not have the EPP code, every domain transfer request will be sent to registrant’s email to confirm. Also,
.lu domains do not allow to renew at any time like many other eu domains, and the max renew period is 1 year.

Auto-cancel unpaid order

In HostBill, one of the available automation options is to cancel unpaid order X days since creation of such order. This can be set in General Settings -> Other -> GDPR/Data Retention and from now on also in Product Configuration -> Automation settings:

Product configuration: allow client to use own domain

A new option in cart enables to block customers from using domains registered outside of current HostBill installation. In HostBill Product Configuration -> Components -> Domains, when turning on the option “Allow using own domain”, you will be able to choose to allow it only if the domain was/will be registered with you.

Stripe Intents 3D Secure

Stripe Intents 3D Secure is one of the payment methods supported by Stripe module for HostBill. New functionality enables to insert card number directly in cart without the need to visit invoice post-order, which will improve and speed up the checkout experience!


In today’s release we’ve also added some new functionalities to AD/LDAP module (ability to search for users by DN match rather than attribute matching and a simple utility to test-search users for easier configuration), Omise Gateway (support for webhooks), Vies Vat EU (module can now add separate note to invoice if customer is outside EU with tax exempt enabled) and more – the whole list is available in the changelog!

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