New release: new product and billing settings!

New release this week comes with new features added to admin area: cancellation request types control, new credit receipts settings and more!

Cancelation request types control

In HostBill, at any point of the billing cycle end customers can request cancellation of their services that have ‘Active’ status. HostBill offers two types of cancellation requests: immediate, in which customer service is suspended/canceled with the next HostBill Cron Run or at the end of billing cycle – in which customer service is cancelled on renewal date (invoice for such service will not be generated). Cancellation requests can also be submitted by admin. With this week’s release we’re enabling to set the cancellation request type per product. This option can be set in Product Configuration -> Other Settings, where you can choose which cancellation type should apply to given products.

The cancellation requests both made by client in their client area and by the staff are displayed at the top of the account details page as well as on the account listing. Cancellation requests report includes the date when the request was made, type of the request and schedules processing time.

Once the cancellation request is submitted, HostBill will add the cancellation task to the task queue and terminate the account at the specified period. If the cancellation request is made by the client, admin can also either Cancel the account (and terminate it immediately) or delete the request (for example if the client changes their mind). All cancellation requests are logged in Cancellation Requests Log.

Credit Receipts – Final number after payment

In HostBill you can allow clients to add funds to their account for future use. Client Balance section in General Settings -> Billing allows to configure options for adding funds and managing client balance. In this section you can enable Credit Recepits – documents required in some EU countries to confirm that a client has added funds to the account (if this option is disabled regular invoice instead of credit receipt will be issued). You can modify and customize the credit receipt layout in Document templates section and in Billing settings section you can choose credit receipt numeration format and next credit receipt number. We’ve now added the option to decide when the credit receipt’s final number should be generated: immediately (default option) or after the payment.

Payment Gateways

With this week’s release we’re also presenting new featured to two of our payment gateways.

Redsys payment gateway will now support tokenization and will provide you with a token to securely store credit card details to be able to use it for subsequent card charges.

Stripe Source Alipay module will from now on support one-click refunds processing for your staff members, so the transaction could be easily refunded from invoice details.

For the full list of new features added this week, please visit the Changelog page.

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