DNS update, PayVision payment gateway and more news!

This week we’re happy to present an update to DNS Management in HostBill, a new payment gateway and new admin option for SSL management. Continue reading to find out more!

DNS Update

DNS management has been HostBill functionality for a while now, but we’ve decided to simplify it and instead of separate DNS modules include DNS management in HostBill core features. As a result, DNS Settings are now a separate section in HostBill General Settings.

DNS Templates

New feature for DNS Templates allows for them to be globally configured. DNS Templates tab in DNS Settings provides an easy way to create custom, re-usable DNS records that your clients can use with DNS packages. DNS templates can be then auto-applied to the DNS zone created automatically after provisioning.

Adding new DNS Template

DNS Automation features and setup

DNS Automation can be managed from two tabs: Domain DNS automation and Service DNS automation. 

Domain DNS automation tab allows to configure automation tasks connected to domains actions. Here you can decide when to create Zones on domain registration and transfer: before or after the domain is registered or transferred (optionally you can choose not to create zones automatically or not to create zone if domain was ordered with hosting in one order) and whether or not to create zones automatically upon name servers change. You can also set when to remove DNS Zones: on name server change, on domain deletion or on domain cancelation (past grace period). In this tab you can also choose and create DNS Service packages.

Domain DNS Automation

Service DNS automation allows to create and manage DNS automation rules, where different DNS servers & zone templates can be used for different products. You can choose when the rules should be applied: on account creation when client selected to use their own domain or on account creation when client used free subdomain. Configuring new DNS Automation rule is quick and easy – you need to enter its name and description (visible for admins only), the list of the products or a product category that the rule should apply to, DNS Service package to be added to customer account and to create a zone in it and a DNS template, that will be applied on newly created zone. You also have an option remove zone on account termination.

When a new DNS account is created, HostBill will automatically check if the product has an automation rule assigned to it and if yes, will create a zone for it and optionally use a DNS template.

Adding new DNS Automation rule

You can read more about DNS Settings in HostBill documentation.

PayVision Payment Gateway

Payvision is a global payment processor that’s driven by a passion for technology and simplifying payments. Payvision Checkout payment solution provides your customers with comfortable, quick, secure and straightforward payment experience. HostBill now supports Payvision Checkout gateway for collecting payments out of the box. The payments are processed offsite – gateways redirects customers to their form for entering payment information, where Payvision takes control and takes care of everything. Once the payment is complete the user is redirected to a previously configured page.

Manage SSL certificate’s DCV method

HostBill provides a wide range of SSL modules and allows to sell, automatically provision and easily manage SSL certificates. New feature added with this week’s release allows staff members to manage and change SSL certificate’s DCV method via admin portal. It can be done in Certificate Information section, as shown below.

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