domain registrar, Inventory Manager and Gateway per Client modules update

This week in HostBill we’re launching new premium domain registrar integration: We’re also adding new features to Inventory Manager and Gateway per Client modules. domain registrar is the official registry for all domains ending in .at (the official Austria domain), and for the extensions and with more than 1.3 million registered .at domains. is a subsidiary of the Internet Foundation Austria (IPA). HostBill provides a number of options to automate all aspects of domain management – from registration, through transfer, expiration reminders to automatic renewals. HostBill also ensures automatic synchronization of your domain names with the registrar to make sure that details you store are up to date. What is more, HostBill gives you the opportunity to order and manage domains in bulk: set privacy, name-servers, auto-renewal and other settings for number of domains with just a few mouse clicks.

The domain registrar module is premium and is available for purchase in HostBill marketplace.

Inventory Manager update

HostBill Inventory Manager module helps you to keep track of every item your company owns and sells and categorize assets into categories and item types. With Inventory Manager you can track every item by its manufacturer, vendor, serial number and even physical location in your company. It helps you to create your own structures and manage/resell any asset like software, licenses, hardware, services.

With this week’s update we’ve added a couple of new functionalities to the module. First of all we’ve added the option to edit print sticker template. All inventory items have labels that can be printed out. Each label have a QR code which can include item serial number, ID and URL. Label template can now be easily edited and downloaded as a PDF document.

New option also allows customers to select items from inventory during order. It can be done through Inventory Manager Provisioning module – a Hosting/Provisioning module shipped with Inventory Manager plugin. This module was built to be used with HostBill products and connect product offering available to customer in cart with inventory manager stock. Product using Inventory Manager Provisioning module can be configured in two ways, either using Server builds feature or using Components -> Forms in product configuration (please see related documentation article for detailed instructions).

Gateway per Client module update

Gateway per Client module was created to help you manage incoming transactions and increase security. The module allowed to limit the choice of payment gateways per client. Thanks to new functionalities you can now also decide which payment gateways will be available for specific product, account billing cycle or customer country.
The module also helps to reduce chargebacks costs and can be especially useful if you want to give the customer the ability to pay for the order that was marked as fraud. In this case HostBill can automatically limit the choice of gateways available for customer i.e: only to those that does not allow customer to refund (ie. Bitcoin payment).

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