New integration: DNS Belgium

This week we’re adding new integration to HostBill: DNS Belgium domain registrar module!

DNS Belgium domain registrar module

DNS Belgium is a non-profit organisation and the domian registry for .be, .brussels and .vlaanderen domain names. In addition, the company makes the internet more accessible by acting as an enabler between all possible internet stakeholders at the national and international level, and encourage the use of the internet via domain names.

With HostBill you can automate DNS Belgium domain provisioning and management. HostBill automates domain registration, transfer, expiration reminders and automatic renewals. HostBill also ensures automatic synchronization of your domain names with the registrar to make sure that details you store are up to date. You can read more about domain management and automation with HostBill here.

Release notes

This week we’ve also introduced some other new features. OnApp DNS module was equipped with rDNS support for IPAM plugin. In CSV Data Exporter plugin which helps you export your data in an easy and organized way, Product Id, Product Code and Addon Id fields are now added to invoices export. In EURid domain registrar module you can now edit the registrant contact name.

Full changelog can be viewed here.

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