New release – check out what’s new!

This week’s HostBill release comes with a number of handy features for both client and admin areas.

Orders and Estimates

In HostBill you can create order drafts from admin area that can be later assigned to particular clients and converted into invoice. We’ve now added a bunch of features to make creating order drafts even quicker and easier. First of all, you can now clone existing customer service when creating order draft. In Accounts you can simply use Clone service (under More actions) option to quickly create draft order with service copy. You can also now adjust/override setup fees when creating order drafts. The order draft can also be used to create an estimate. From now on, if an estimate is issued for order draft, its ID is shown in order details to help you better manage your orders. Also, order draft or issued invoice related to an estimate is now shown in estimate details in admin portal. Once you send the estimate to the client, the customer can “accept” estimate in their client portal, which will result in HostBill automatically generating order and invoice using estimate contents and details!

Accept Estimate option

Admin area

With HostBill Email Verification plugin you can generate and send verification code for your client after signup. As we understand the importance of creating a positive experience for your clients and we know that when it comes to customer service every little detail counts, you can now send your clients a “thank you” email after successful verification.

HostBill Logs section now also gives you access to Global Account & Domain Logs. From admin area you can now also manage entries in client credit log (add/update/remove).

Credit log entry

Client area

HostBill logs all client activities and displays the log history and description in Logs section. Now we’ve added the credit log section to the client area to enable your customers view their actions related to the account credit.The table chart lists date for the action, action taken, status (success or failure) and related invoice, order or service ID.

Client area: credit log

We’ve also added the client feature to manage access to particular DNS zone for contacts/profiles

Plesk Central Login plugin

This week we’re also introducing new plugin: Plesk Central Login. The plugin is free and is shipped with our Plesk module. It servers as a really simple way for your customers to login to their Plesk hosting accounts by visiting one URL in your HostBill client portal. Essentially your clients just need to know their HostBill access details to login to Plesk and there’s no need for them to remember neither the Plesk URL their account is hosted on nor their Plesk username and password. By visiting https://your.hostbill.install.url/?cmd=plesklogin HostBill will authenticate client in their related Plesk, and redirect them to it.

More info about this plugin can be found in HostBill documentation.

MolPay payment gateway integration

We’re happy to announce the newest addition to our payment gateways integration list – MOLPay. MOLPay is a leading payment gateway in Southeast Asia since 2005 that connects international brands with local consumers across region. MOLPay offers global cards payment for merchants to sell online and has wide coverage of e-banking and e-wallet solutions. It is also the first payment gateway in South East Asia enabling online purchases to be paid physically with cash at their physical payment centers such as 7-Eleven. With the new HostBill integration you can collect payment using MOLPay out of the box. This payment gateway is a great choice if you have customers in South East Asia or plan to expand your business to SEA markets!


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