Digital Ocean DNS module for HostBill

DigitalOcean DNS module – full featured, white label DNS solution.

Our new module will help you to build full-featured, white-label DNS solution with HostBill and DigitalOcean DNS.

DigitalOcean is an IaaS company that delivers a seamless way for developers and businesses to deploy and scale any application in the cloud. Among other services DigitalOcean provides a DNS hosting service. With HostBill DigitalOcean DNS module you can built full-featured, white-label DNS solution.

Billing and automation

HostBill billing features allow you to charge per DNS zone. You can offer DNS as a free sub-service to other services or offer DNS management for domain names. All the existing zones can be easily and automatically imported to HostBill. HostBill automation also handles account creation, upgrades and downgrades, suspensions/unsuspension/terminations and well as managing and importing/exporting DNS templates.

Client and admin areas

Clients can create and manage their DNS Zones and Records from the easy to use client area, which also allows to perform bulk actions: apply DNS templates or manage records in bulk. Your customers cam also easily add, edit or delete DNS entries.

The admin area provides easy access to client zones lists, billing details, account lifecycle control panel, templates manager and more.

To learn more about module’s pricing and features click here.

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