Private Products plugin

New plugin: Private Products

New HostBill plugin will give you new ways to market and sell your products and services. With Private Products module for HostBill you’ll gain the opportunity to create or make products and services private – visible and available to buy only for a selected group of customers.

How does it work?

The Private Products plugin allows you to hide products from general view and make them available only to specific clients. You can choose which customers or customer groups will be allowed to see and purchase given product in product configuration. Hidden products will not be browsed by the rest of your customers and website visitors.

This way you will be able to offer special products or create special price offers meant for your special customers. For example, if you have a VIP customers you will be able to offer them exclusive products and offers for their eyes only. Now with Private Products module you can provide you VIP customers with the experience tailored to their needs!

Learn more about the plugin  here

To find out how to configure the plugin read the documentation here.

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