HostBill summer sale

Summer Sale – new products added!

As our summer sale continues, we’ve added new products with discounts up to 50% off!

Expand your business

At HostBill we give you the opportunity to effortlessly expand your business and jump into new markets. You probably know the old saying: ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ Market trends and customer demands change and to secure your business you need to diversify your product and services portfolio.  Smart business owners, like the smart investors, place a high value on diversification. Take time to draw up a good game plan for your company – offer your customers new services or reach out to completely new audience and grow your business! With HostBill it’s easy – HostBill is a single platform that integrates information from various sources across multiple applications and environments into a single display.  You can save time and effort maintaining multiple tools and manage your operations from a unified database. Also, as service provisioning and management is fully automated you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

And now, with HostBill summer sale on, you can get a range of our provisioning modules from 30% to 50% off!

What’s on sale?

Solid CP
Solid CP is a multi server enterprise control panel for Windows. With Solid CP module for HostBill you can sell shared and reseller hosting services and give your clients the ability to manage their accounts directly from your client area, equipped with all essential functionalities. HostBill provides full automation of account provisioning and management.

InterWorx is a smart and scalable web hosting control panel, feature rich for both system administrators and website administrators. Thanks to HostBill integration with InterWorx you can now sell both shared and reseller hosting services. As an automation tool, HostBill will save you time spent on account provisioning, synchronizing the account, upgrading or downgrading hosting plans and more.

Virtuozzo specializes in virtualization software that helps with server consolidation, disaster recovery, and server workload agility. With Virtuozzo PVA module for HostBill you can sell, automatically provision and manage Virtuozzo Containers both for Windows and Linux directly in HostBill. HostBill is all about automation, hence the containers are created automatically, IP addresses are assigned automatically and all account operations (suspension, unsuspension, termination) can occur automatically, saving your time and hassle. The module also gives your customers the ability to control their containers power state and view account billing details within the client area.

Virtualmin is a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to virtual web hosting management designed to make it easy to manage websites, mailbox users, databases, and web applications. Thanks to the integration with HostBill you will get the capabilities you need to run your business operations with ease. The module allows you to sell shared hosting and reseller hosting and seamlessly automate account provisioning and management.

OnApp Reseller
OnApp Reseller module is a custom module for your brand to give your clients the tool to resell their cloud space with HostBill. With this module you can introduce cloud reseller program that will help you to drive more sales! The module is based on your cloud only – resellers will not be able to use it on competitors’ clouds. The module doesn’t require any extensive OnApp permissions for resellers – their customers will create VPS under reseller resources making it a perfect reselling solution.

OpenProvider SSL
Open Provider is a wholesaler of web hosting-related services and products, including SSL Certificates. With Open Provider SSL module you can sell SSL Certificates at competitive prices and automatically provision, renew and manage them directly from HostBill. The admin area grants access to certificate downloads, certificate status, billing information management, account lifecycle management and more. The client panel has number of functionalities combined with ease of use to enable your customers to get certificate status, renew the certificate or select and resend approval email.

Enom SSL
Enom is a trusted wholesaler of domain name registrars, web hosting services, SSL certificates, e-mail and other services. With Enom SSL module for HostBill you can start selling Enom SSL Certificates in a fast and convenient way. Your clients can effortlessly configure SSL certificates at order time, so after payment the certificates are issued automatically. What is more, they can easily manage, download or reissue certificates within few clicks from our user-firendly client area. As an administrator you will have detailed knowledge and control of certificate issue process, account lifecycle and billing operations from the easy to navigate admin panel. To give you even more convenience, HostBill automation features include auto provision, renew, synchronization and parsing CSR.

Schleifenbauer (Power Billing)
Schleifenbauer provides high-quality customised Power Distribution Units to fit most demanding needs. With HostBill integration you can bill your clients for power consumption directly from HostBill and easily automate outlets state. The outlets can be managed from admin panel, which provides options to reboot them, set outlets states etc. The client panel lets your customers track and control their power consumption and charges applied.

With all our special offers.

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