HostBill New Release

New admin area and client area features

New HostBill release comes with a set of new features for both: HostBill admin and client areas. New features allow to control final invoice generation, invoice merging and time and date settings.

Control if final invoice is generated after payment or immediately

HostBill allows you to choose invoicing method. You can choose between the default method, where invoice numbers are generated sequentially, regardless of their status or EU invoicing method, where pro-forma unpaid invoices have separate numeration than paid invoices.

In EU the VAT may be applied to the final invoice. HostBill generates final invoices after the pro-forma invoice is paid, enabling you to account in only paid invoices (effectivelly lowering your taxes). Some customers may not want to receive both pro-forma and final invoices to clutter their inboxes. For those customers you can enable the option to generate the final invoice right after the pro-forma is created.

This new HostBill feature for EU invoicing method allows you to choose if you want to generate final invoice number immediately or to wait after the payment is received. If you choose to generate the invoice immediately, the invoice ID will be assigned regardless of the payment status or payment date.

The Final Invoice Delay field also allows you to choose if the final invoice should be generated right after payment is received or if you want to wait X days after payment until final invoice generation.

You can control this options in Settings -> Billing -> Invoicing Method -> EU Invoicing

Invoicing Method settings


Set the final invoice option individually for each client.

The default settings configured as above can be overridden for each client individually in their client profile. To do so, go to the given client profile, click on Edit and select the option you want to choose as shown below:

Set Merge invoice settings for each client individually

With HostBill you can merge multiple invoices (for different services) generated by one client into one invoice. You can choose to automatically merge invoices generated on the same day (cron run) or invoices with the same due date. With the new HostBill feature you can configure invoice merging option for each client individually. To do so, go to the given client profile, click on Edit and select the option you want to choose as shown below:

Deafult option is the one set in Settings -> General Setting -> Billing -> Invoicing method.

Allow Clients to control whether invoices for thier services will be merged or not

From now on you can give your clients the control whether invoices for their services will be merged or not. This option can be enabled in Client Permission section in Settings -> General Settings -> Other -> Client Permissions:

If this option is enabled the client will be able to control Invoice merge settings in their client area.

Client feature to control the timezone for date/time displayed in HostBill

With the new release we give your clients the option to control the timezone for date/time that is displayed in HostBill.

The timezone chosen by the client will not affect how the date is saved in DB, but only how it is displayed in client portal.

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