New payment method: PayPal Billing Agreements

The extensive list of payment gateways and payment methods integrated with HostBill gets expanded. We’re happy to annouce new payment module: PayPal Billing Agreements.

How does it work:

Billing Agreement is a PayPal feature that allows to create agreement for recurring PayPal or debit card payment for goods or services. Billing Agreement is different that subscriptions billing as the amount to be charged and time of payment are not fixed but can be specified by the seller.

This HostBill module allows the client to create a billing agreement with the seller when making the first order. Once the agreement is set, HostBill will automatically charge the PayPal account or the credit/debit card for the next recurring invoices.All new purchases made with this gateway will also fall under the current agreement. The module will check once a day which invoices have not yet been paid (following automatic cards capture settings) and will automatically charge active agreements. Client can also choose to pay for any order sooner using the existing agreement simply by clicking “Charge existing PayPal Billing Agreement” button next to the given invoice and the module will automatically collect the payment.

More information about PayPal Billing Agreement module along with the pricing information can be found here.

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