New invoice management features

New version of HostBill brings some exciting improvements in invoice management section.

With release 2017-01-27 we’ve introduced following new invoice management features:

  • Invoice history – each invoice change is now logged, staff members can browse trough previous invoice versions to track what was changed and by whom
  • Admin-only notes – staff members now can “internally” communicate in invoice details page and store attachments to their comments
  • Explicit save changes – changes made to invoice does not affect its current version immediately – staff member needs to confirm changes by hitting “Save changes” button.
  • Credited invoice status – option that can be enabled in Credit notes settings, allows issuing credit notes to unpaid invoices, and changing their status to Credited, rather than Refunded
  • Optional warnings in non-draft edits – you can now enable option to warn staff members about accidental changes made to invoices that were already issued/sent to customer

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