OnApp module updates – new features / fixes available

We’ve got incredible feedback from OnApp+HostBill users about features they would like to see, and minor bugs. Thanks for all of your reports/feature requests – keep them coming! So here it is – another update of our OnApp integration:

Changes / New features:

  • Added backup space slider to Forms
  • Added simple vm controls to admin area: power off/power on and destroy machine
  • List of virtual machines in admin area is now auto-refreshed
  • Added direct link in admin area to client virtual machine in OnApp
  • Terminate now removes all client virtual machines, suspends user and terminates afterwards
  • Fixed cpu shares issue in forms for low shares count
  • Fixed cpu shares issue when cpu shares was set to 100% and cpu limit to over 6cpus

Download: OnApp 2.1 Gold module for HostBill from client area

Update Instructions:

Place downloaded package in your main HostBill directory and unzip it there.

Full changelog:


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