vePortal vs SolusVM vs Panenthe

Now that we know that VPS Management Software can be done better, it’s time to make improvements. We at HostBill also feel responsible for these improvements and we would like to have better API.

HyperVM took big share of VPS management software. When I compare HyperVM to current solutions like vePortal / SolusVM / Panenthe I think it’s better.

We would like to provide full VPS management, not poor solution that most of the billing softwares deliver by default. And they call it “great software”.

VPS Managment Software API comparison - vePortal vs SolusVM vs Panenthe

1Create VPSYesYesYes
2Reboot VPSNoYesYes
3Shutdown/Suspend VPSYesYesYes
4List TemplatesNoYesNo
5Suspend VPSYesYesYes
6Destroy VPSYesYesYes
7Change HostnameNoNoYes
8Get Status of VPSYesYesYes
9Add IP addressNoNoNo
10Change Root PasswordNoNoYes

Please note we don’t judge any VPS managers, we just compare API. We would like to have all VPS managers integrated into HostBill soon.

Just one thing missing – Xen support. Our customers need this feature. Stable and good VPS managers with Xen support. We are counting on you!

Developers, Developers, Developers work hard on your Panels.  You can listen Steve Ballmer and his famous developer’s song.

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  • Jamie Scott

    February 5, 2010

    Ha ha love that video. We are working on a new control panel that will manage Xen VPS containers called SVMM, It will feature iscsi, nfs and ip management too and will be based around cakephp and nginx.

    Public beta will be available around April.

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