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HostBill 4.0.2 Release

Time for another update from HostBill Team. Version 4.0.2 is now available for download.

Smarter Search
We’ve started from scratch and completely redesigned smart-search in HostBill admin area – now search offers more accurate, highlighted results.

Cloudstack Advanced networking
Additional dev hours have been spent in CloudStack module, to make sure that Port Forwarding, Static NAT, IP Allocation/Management, Firewall is available straight from HostBill client interface

Full changelog available at:

Important Security Update & HostBill 4.0 Release

Within the last few hours we’ve been notified by external auditor about SQL Injection vulnerability found in current HostBill releases.

As 4.0 version is ready it also includes patch for this problem. Please update at your earliest convenience, before vulnerability details become widely known. We recommend using auto-upgrade plugin, to make sure you’re always up-to-date with recent updates/patches.

So whats new in HostBill 4.0.0 ?

Reports in HostBill
HostBill always had nice-looking and insightful graphical statistics, but we realize that sometimes numbers looks better printed, or are even required in this representation. Make sure to check flexible new reports, allowing for drag & drop output adjustments, multiple output formats (HTML, CSV, PDF, TXT & more) & easy report criteria modification in HostBill 4.0
Learn more at

New Orderpage: Smart Wizard
Created to sell more with each well-designed step this orderpage is another amazing item on our rich collection

Check this, and another available orderpages at

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 3.9.9 Release

We’re not slowing down! HostBill 3.9.9 has just been released.

What’s new?
Google Analytics + Ecommerce tracking module
HostBill has always been the core ingredient in from 0 to working hosting company in under 1hour – now it’s even faster. Using our Google Analytics module you don’t need to worry about file edits, smarty syntax etc to place your tracking code – just enable Google Analytics plugin.
Learn more at

BCrypt for Admin & Client passwords
HostBill now creates password using BCrypt. For non-geek readers: BCrypt is hashing algorithm based on Blowfish. How’s that different from older (considered as broken) hashing mechanisms? BCrypt keeps up with Moore Law which in short words means that even in the future with faster machines it will take roughly the same amount of time (in years) to crack single password.
Q: Would my/client’s old password work?
A: Sure, once you will login after upgrade HostBill will automatically rehash your password with the new method.

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 3.9.8 Release

New updates from HostBill team – version 3.9.8 is now available to download. What’s new?

Free Plugin: HostBill Content Slider
Build rich feature pages, custom orderpages, wordpress sliders & much much more. With 10 transition effects, custom styles, and powerful admin area allowing for direct slides upload!

New Orderpage:
Yet another great orderpage in our collection – Bookshelf orderpage works great with 4 plans, allows for easy customization.

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 3.9.6 Release

Another week, another exciting update from HostBill team! HostBill 3.9.6 is now available to download. What’s new?

New Orderpage:
Our orderpage collection is getting bigger – a new customizable orderpage with plan comparison table is now available.

Automatic Attachment uploads
Your clients will love this new feature – it’s time to leave 20th century file uploads and waiting for them to load after submit. Drag’n’drop attachments to a ticket and compose messages as they’re being uploaded!
Learn more at

Client-Configurable bandwidth billing
Using HostBill to sell colocation? If not – you should! Your clients will be able to configure their bandwidth requirements during order – measurement method & limit – HostBill will do the maths!
Learn more at

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 3.9.4 Release

It’s been a busy week, so time for another great HostBill update! What’s new in HostBill 3.9.4?

freeRadius module for HostBill
3.9.4 comes with integrated freeRADIUS module – based on MySQL backend. Thinking of adding VPN hosting to your offer? RADIUS server offers countless integration options, now you can automate this part of your business with HostBill!
Learn more at:

ManualSSL module
You like our great SSL Orderpages, but your SSL reseller does not provide module for HostBill? Not a problem, now you can receive emails for certificates that require manual setup.

Free OpenSRS reseller accounts for HostBill customers!
Thanks to our partnership with OpenSRS, HostBill Owned license users are entitled to apply for a low cost OpenSRS reseller account.
With no setup fees and domain pricing as low as $9.53 for .com it’s a great opportunity to jump into domain/ssl market – with all tools already included in HostBill:
OpenSRS Domain registration module
OpenSRS SSL Module
To register for your reseller account visit Partners section in our client area (after logging in).

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 3.9.2 Release

Time for the new update from HostBill team: HostBill 3.9.2 has just been released. What’s new?

New orderpage: Premade plans slider
Another great slider to our collection – this one lets you define custom “stacks” in orderpage settings.
Example stack A: WordPress, Stack B: Drupal, Stack C: Virtuemart etc.
Stacks appear on the orderpage below slider, once clicked it sets slider to the predefined position.
Limit support questions: How much ram would my WordPress install need?

New orderpage: SSL Certificates v2
Our already great orderpage for SSL Certificates just got better!

OnApp module updates: “vCPU” feature
Tired of clients asking about explaining CPU Priority to them? Use our vCPU feature that will bind fixed priority to CPU cores, so your clients won’t need to worry about setting the proper value.

Full changelog available at:

HostBill 3.9.0 Release

HostBill 3.9.0 has just been released – make sure to check what’s new:

Updated SolusVM module
An All-In-One powerful integration, allowing you to sell your SolusVM resources as :
– single VPS machines
– virtual datacenters – give resources to clients and let them create VM’s on their own
– reseller accounts
– DIY flexible packages – where your client chooses what resources he will need during signup
Learn more at

New Client area Theme variation
We’ve updated our already perfect client section with number of tweaks and improvements – to make it even better!
Learn more at in this blog post.

New Order Page: 4comparison boxes – OneStep
Another beautiful order page template to our rich collection – view all available orderpages

ByteCP Provisioning module
Developed by the company ByteCP hosting control panel is getting better each day. Now you can automatically provision hosting accounts from HostBill with ByteCP.
Learn more at

HostBill Auto-Upgrade & Auto-Patch
Now you will be able to upgrade your HostBill billing system with one mouse click – no downloads, extracts etc.
Learn more at here.

Full changelog available at:

HostBill Security Patch

Within last few hours we’ve been notified about potential LFD security threat that affects HostBill installations, caused by one of used libraries.
Although its severity really depends on server configuration we cannot leave our users at risk – we take security very seriously.

Download patch from here: (for version 3.8).

Patching process is simple – extract archive contents in main HostBill directory, no db updates/install is required.

HostBill 3.8.0 archive available in our client area has also been patched, please upgrade to latest version if you’re using < 3.8

HostBill 3.8.0 Release

HostBill 3.8.0 has just been released, make sure to check what’s new:

OnApp & OnApp CDN: Pre-Paid Metered billing
Let your customers pay upfront for resources. Invoices can be generated after account credit will reach your threshold.

New module: Observium
Now you can add bandwidth billing through Observium, an alternative to previously released Cacti integration. Allow clients to browse graphs, estimate & bill for overages. Learn more at

New, Easy Development Kit
Building module for HostBill has never been easier – no object oriented programming skills required – simple function calls, well documented at allows you to create fully functional module with a few lines of code.

2 new orderpages
– Gauge sliders – innovative orderpage, ideal for cloud & VPS hosters.
– Dedicated servers – full screen. Perfect for dedicated servers & colocation products.

Full changelog: