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Another set of OnApp module updates is here!

It’s been almost a week since last OnApp module update – so it’s about time to bring you new improvements/bugfixes to our HostBill+OnApp integration!

Changes / New features:

  • Fixed: It’s not possible to terminate user that has been previously suspended
  • Fixed: Admin doesn’t see virtual machines of suspended user
  • Fixed: Auto-created VM for “Single machine” product has other root pass than set in HostBill
  • Fixed: User custom OS Templates are not listed in client area for new VM creation
  • Fixed: VM fails to autoprovision when cpu share is less than cpu cores limit in package
  • Fixed: Listing IPs in client area for VMs with more than one IP address assigned bug
  • New IP is now automatically assigned after ordering additional IP through OnApp:Ip addon.
  • When addon like extra IP is hidden, but assigned to product – it won’t display in cart but will be available to order from client area
  • When customer orders single VPS with more than one IP, it will be assigned to his VM automatically
  • Assigning new IP address in client area now invokes VM Network Rebuild
  • Added unassigned IP count in client area VM:Ip tab

Download: OnApp 2.1 Gold module for HostBill from client area

Update Instructions:

Place downloaded package in your main HostBill directory and unzip it there.

Full changelog:

OnApp module updates – new features / fixes available

We’ve got incredible feedback from OnApp+HostBill users about features they would like to see, and minor bugs. Thanks for all of your reports/feature requests – keep them coming! So here it is – another update of our OnApp integration:

Changes / New features:

  • Added backup space slider to Forms
  • Added simple vm controls to admin area: power off/power on and destroy machine
  • List of virtual machines in admin area is now auto-refreshed
  • Added direct link in admin area to client virtual machine in OnApp
  • Terminate now removes all client virtual machines, suspends user and terminates afterwards
  • Fixed cpu shares issue in forms for low shares count
  • Fixed cpu shares issue when cpu shares was set to 100% and cpu limit to over 6cpus

Download: OnApp 2.1 Gold module for HostBill from client area

Update Instructions:

Place downloaded package in your main HostBill directory and unzip it there.

Full changelog:

OnApp: Search by IP Addon


Our customers were in need for a tool to find to whom each IP belongs. This add-on is looking for an IP at:

  • HostBill Database
  • OnApp Servers

So you can get real time statistics. We have extended our search bar with this feature.

Download & Install

1. Download the file from HostBill addons download page
2. Copy zip archive into HostBill main directory
3. Extract all files
4. Activate in HostBill
5. Search

Coming with 2.8: New VPS.Net module (ready to download)

We have been working on a few changes to VPS.NET module. And we are done… 🙂
2011-06-03 Changes / New features:
  • Added fastconfig forms for order pages.
  • Replaced location select with forms

More details at the module feature page!

Note: We cannot add OnApp Firewall feature as this is not available with VPS.NET API

Someone should ask Nick at VPS.NET to make this feature available for VPS.NET customers:) !

Update: OnApp 2.1 module changes/bugfixes

After last week release of firewall feature for OnApp 2.1 module for HostBill we’ve decided to improve it even more! Along with minor bugfixes we’ve added the ability to define default firewall setting in client area as well as apply existing settings for virtual machine. Grab your update today!

Download OnApp 2.1 Gold module for HostBill from client area!


Important OnApp 2.1.Gold module updates for HostBill

I’m sure you all know that now Full-Featured modules for OnApp are available for Free, but it’s not enough surprises when it comes to OnApp today.

We’ve been working on some cool improvements (like firewall in clientarea) for OnApp 2.1 Integration, you can find full list of changes here:

If you’re using OnApp 2.1 Gold + HostBill 2.7 make sure to grab the latest copy of the module below!

Download: OnApp 2.1 Gold module for HostBill from client area!

Note: OnApp 2.1 Gold module is also included in HostBill 2.7 package by default from now on!

Coming with 2.8: OnAPP – Firewall feature

We would like to show you a new feature made by Kris Pajak (Our Lead Developer) .

OnApp Firewall

You can add your own rules (Drop/Accept) for certain Interface, Destination IP, Source Address, Destination port, Protocol – more at videos 🙂