HostBill v.1.2.6 Released

OS Picker for VPS clients, automatic account upgrades + auto invoicing of the upgrade, import accounts from SolusVM and, dozens of new payment gateways integrated… and much more in this version! We’re also introducing Owned license options – get yours today!

$159,95 for Owned Branded License – includes 1 year of free upgrades and free support
$249,95 for Owned Non-Branded License – 1 year of support and 1 year of upgrades included

Full release info can be found in our forum.

Video no1 – fetch os templates from

Thanks to an amazing piece of software – Jing – we’re going to post videos on our blog from various HostBill sections. First one contains features described in the post below – fetching OS templates from server, and daily/weekly billing options. Enjoy!


Eyecandy from next version

Hello all HostBill users! We’re working hard on the record-speed release, and I’ve got a little sneak-preview of one of the features. It is a console for our module (statistics were already introduced on their forum).  I’ve just finished implementing it, therefore it might need some styling. Don’t forget to leave comment below, letting us know what you think and what else needs to be done.

As usual – click on image to zoom.


HostBill v.1.2.0 Released

Free integrated Live Chat, Affiliates system, Downloads support, Servers monitor, Multilanguage Admin area, Graphical system statistics – these are just few features that HostBill 1.2.0 can offer you! Go ahead and grab fresh copy from client area – if you don’t have your license yet remember that you can try out HostBill for 3 months for free!

Visit our online demo and experience HostBill in Spanish, try out live chat features, and find out if affiliates system can make your hosting grow! Don’t forget to leave feedback, so together we can make HostBill best billing/support software for you, your clients and your staff. For full release information visit our forum.

Next version sneak preview pt.2

Hello again – this time lets take a look at one of the new HostBill admin area features – system statistics. These are graphical representations of HostBill important statistics. Good thing to know is that if you feel something is missing here we can add new one within minutes for you! Let us know what graphs you’d like to see there.


(Click on the image to zoom it)

Next version sneak preview pt.1

Hello all interested in HostBill application, have I got a little eye candy for you! Attached below is screenshot of the new cart template which will be included into upcoming HostBill release. I think everyone who is interested in VPS hosting will appreciate possibilities it creates. Stay tuned for more previews, and let us know what you think in comment section below.

VPS slide

HostBill v.1.0.6 Released

As promised to our customers – version 1.0.6 of HostBill is out today! You’ll be amazed by the number of third party modules integrated with HostBill – detailed information about release is posted on our forum.

Go ahead and try out our live demo and experience new HostBill features by yourself, or if you’re our customer already grab your own copy from our client area!

Announcing HostBill v.1.0.6 Upcoming Release

We’re working more than hard here on another release – this one will be focused mostly on bringing third party modules requested on our forums. Here are some of the modules we’ve already done for this version:

  • Interworx hosting panel
  • ISPConfig hosting panel
  • Namecheap domain registrar
  • NoChex gateway
  • AliPay gateway
  • and few more (to be announced with the release)

So stay tuned for version 1.0.6 release announcement, which is scheduled to the middle of February 2010. Want to see another module on official 1.0.6 release list? Let us know using our community forum!

Also we’ve launched another blog for directly hosting related topics – visit “Articles” section on our website and read our first article – how to in few steps set up VPS hosting in Hetzner datacenter. More articles to come – we’re also opened for authors who want to participate and share their knowledge and experience on hosting related topics.