New release

Mondays always get better when the new HostBill version is released! Check out what’s new this time!

Admin panel news

Thanks to HostBill notification system, staff members can be instantly notified about various important events concerning tickets, orders, invoices etc. Notifications can be sent via different channels and each staff member, Team or Department can have different set of notifications enabled. New email notification concerns ticket deadline set.

A small usability improvement can be found in Service details page, where the total price for a component will be displayed instead of the unit prices. We’ve also hidden the API Key in UI with the option to copy it.

In API, calls: bulkDomainCheck, getAddonDetails,getProductDetails, getProducts now support currency_id parameter to recalculate prices returned into target currency ID.

This week we also worked on some of the provisioning modules, adding the option for end-customer to create sub-users in their isolated group within allowed quota in the NextCloud module and the option to reset root password in client function Rescue for SolusVM2. Lots of bugs were fixed, so don’t forget to check the Changelog!

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