HostBill new release

New release: new ACL, API calls and admin area improvements

A new release is out now presenting new staff ACL, several new API calls and some further improvements in the admin panel.

Admin area updates

HostBill staff privileges (ACL) are divided into various categories with set of permissions for staff members, teams and departments. In the Support section there are multiple separate permissions concerning Tickets, such as edit tickets, edit own ticket reply, use ticket macro, remove tickets, create ticket tags and many more. Now there’s a new ACL to allow to edit support ticket notes.

Private Products plugin allows you to hide products from general view and make them available only to specific clients. We added a small improvement in the listing page by adding a link to related product and/or category.

Client notes free plugins allow customers to see admin notes (tagged with client-viewable flag) related to their profile. Now it’s possible to hide client notes in all one-step order pages for Theme2019.

This week we also added the following new API calls:

  • checkAccountPrice and checkDomainPrice functions to verify whether current domain/account price is up to date with product configuration
  • getCountryTaxDetails call to get list of taxes configured for country/state
  • recalculateAccountPrice and recalculateDomainPrice functions to apply current product pricing to account/domain

List of bug fixes and all the changes from the release can be accessed via Changelog.

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