New release: updates to Matomo, Domain Reseller, Email Verification & other plugins!

This week in HostBill we focused on improvements into some of the plugins. New features were added to Matomo Analytics, Domain Reseller, Email Verification, MailChimp and other!

Matomo update

Matomo is a popular alternative to Google Analytics – it’s a powerful, free and open source web analytics platform that gives you 100% data ownership. Matomo module for HostBill enables e-commerce tracking and analytics in your billing system, giving you comprehensive insights into your customers’ purchasing behaviour. The knowledge you get from Matomo can be later used to optimize your marketing channels that have the biggest ROI for your business. In today’s update Matomo got some new functionalities. Now you can send a request when adding an item to the cart and while viewing product details. Additionally, the module is now supported by Multi-Brand, so you can use it for your different brands and stores!

Our Domain Reseller module got some improvements as well. The module is designed to generate HostBill and WHMCS modules to resell your domains. Now we added the ability to use additional registration fields which may be required for some tlds.

Other updates this week concern Email Verification, which now has the UI for admin to bulk-unverify multiple emails at once and MailChimp, which can now automatically remove customers from Mailchimp list, if their email is not verified via Email Verification plugin.

All the release notes are available in the Changelog!

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